• Leasing


    Nosco Learning developed an intermediate course for the sellers of one of the…

  • Branch Management

    Branch Management

    Nosco Learning developed for Pro Fiduciaria a specialized course for insurance branch managers,…

  • Suppliers procedure

    Suppliers procedure

    Procedures are not very attractive for learning, but we developed an friendly interactive…

  • Warehouse security measures

    Warehouse security measures

    A complex 3 D eLearning demo, exclusively developed by Nosco Learning.

  • Software


    One of the most complex products developed by Nosco Learning where we used…

  • Solving complaints/objections

    Solving complaints/objections

    Advanced eLearning course where we used customized video content, tailored on the decisions…

  • Time management

    Time management

    Nosco Learning developed an intermediate course for bank consultants.