Nosco–Learning was born on a market with serious crises scars, with training budges drastically diminished. Most of the companies that had eLearning were using it at a very basic level, with PowerPoint courses and obsolete eLearning platforms, at very high costs.

After 3 years, during which our work was mainly concentrated on Rapid eLearning courses and LMS open source platforms implementation, we decided it’s time for developing more complex learning solutions, to fulfill a larger variety of online training needs. And because our plan needed a name, we called it Nosco – Latin for knowledge. A link through times in which the same need for knowledge can be wisely integrated with technology!


Nosco Learning has been created around the idea of enhancing our partners experience and creating materials that could support the development of a strong and healthy organizational culture for our clients. We wish to build a culture based 100% on our clients satisfaction.
With a maximum client retention rate, as well as very good feedbacks, we are confident we can achieve our goals.


We developed a strong clients’ database with a very good retention rate. Over 40000 users, from more than 100 companies, coming from various industries (financial, retail, it etc.) have accessed our online training programs.

„If we were to summarize our experience with Nosco Learning Team, we would recommend them for:

- Their professionalism, quality and promptitude in delivering their services;
- High standard of client consultancy and support;
- Fulfillment of their contract obligations”

(Eurolife ERB Romania, CEO)