There are other working methods on the market, but we found our own process through which we accomplish the desired goals.
This is how it works:



Carefully listening to our clients and asking the right questions are key elements that lead us through successful projects. At the beginning of each project we work together with our clients in order to identify correctly who, what, how, when, where and how long.

This analysis consists in:
• Knowing the objectives and adjusting the expectations
• Identifying the needs and expectations of the audiences
• Identifying the necessary content resources, design etc.
• Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each and every person involved in the project
• Setting the key phases of the project.

At the end of this analysis we will have a work and cost estimation for the project, a schedule and a content plan/scheme.



After we received all learning content (word, PowerPoint, PDF etc.) we start creating the course scenario.

The project manager, together with the instructional designers, graphic designer and eLearning developers work together in finding the best formula for integrating the learning content in a unique visual and interactive version that will lead to the desired goals.

At the end of the design phase we have a course scenario and the design concept of the project.



We will do all the work for this phase. We have the scenario, functionalities and design approved by the client. Our designers and developers team, together with the narrators and the testers work on the final eLearning product.

Each development phase of the project goes through a very thorough quality control.

At the end of the development phase we have the final product that has been repeatedly tested.


Project launch

Now, that the project has been launched, it is implementation time.

We also work with our client during this phase, to be sure that the project is smoothly finalized. We understand that during the project implementation, there might be info that needs to be updated or modified, therefore we are at your service.

At the end of this phase we deliver the source file or, we directly integrate the course in the eLearning platform.