Blended learning is a modern concept that combines more learning methods for an integrated learning system. This system is based on new learning concepts and methods, including individual online study and trainer (or other professional) assisted learning.

A standard session of blended learning consist in an online training, followed by tutorial session where a specialized trainer offers support in consolidating the knowledge through simulations, project work etc.

The main goal of this method is to provide each student an advanced level of knowledge by accessing innovative learning materials through a model aligned with the very dynamic way of living.


You cannot find a learning program valid for all companies, that is why our consultancy team works with our clients and analyzes the needs of their employees, their level of understanding, their skills and the resources available.

Starting from our training experience and consultancy, also taking into consideration our expertise in eLearning development, we can find the right blend that can lead you towards success!



At first we were reluctant in shortening the number of days in the training room, but under the pressure of cutting training costs and NOSCO advice and arguments, I made my decision, that turned to be the winning one. Not only that we dramatically cut costs, but also the learning quality significantly increased – both in knowledge retention and improved skills.

Through eLearning we tried to provide more interactive courses, more accurate appraisal through which we could follow students’ performance more closely. So in the classroom we could concentrate on a more practical training methods, case study, role play, workshops etc.”

Eusebiu B. – Training Manager